Cool Stance®

A green bag of equus coolstance copra.

Cool Stance® can be fed to most types of horses – working, lay-up and breeding. Cool Stance® may also be fed successfully to horses developing or suffering from metabolic disorders. It can be fed to help maintain insulin sensitivity in all horses. Foals may be fed Cool Stance® in a creep feeder. It may also help keep condition on older horses. Cool Stance® contains low levels of NSC (<12%) which may be suitable for horses at risk of insulin resistance, laminitis and tying up. It may be useful in the diet of horses affected by Cushing’s disease to reduce the NSC intake.

Cool Stance® is derived from wild-harvested coconuts in the South Pacific. It is certified free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the coconuts are grown without chemicals. The oil extraction is mechanical (unlike other copra meals which may be hexane extracted). But Cool Stance® does not have a certified American organic label.

24 months from the date written on the bottom of the bag.

Cool Stance® is brown in color because the white flesh of the coconut has been heated during processing to mechanically extract the oil. It contains no husk or shell and is a guaranteed premium, quality copra meal.

Cool Stance® does not contain any husk or shell. It is made from the white meat of the coconut. High fiber (15%) comes from the flesh of the coconut.

When you feed anything, please weigh it. A kitchen scale that weighs up to 5 lbs. will do well for the feed room. All scoops are not created equal. Having said that, one pound of Cool Stance® is a little less than 4 cups

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and away from vermin.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and away from vermin.

Cool Stance® is a one ingredient feed, not a complete feed. Most horses need a mineral supplement added, depending on the soil and hay profile of their diet.

Cool Stance® can be fed wet or dry. This depends on your and your horse’s preference. In order to feed Cool Stance® wet add the same amount water by volume to the dry feed. This will make a crumbly texture. You can add twice as much water for more moisture. If fed dry, we recommend having water nearby, so the horse can have a drink in-between eating.

One of the major attributes of Cool Stance® is that it will swell in water, which helps to rehydrate horses. When Cool Stance® is fed dry, the horses eat the feed more slowly, and by having the water trough away from the feed trough, they must walk away from the feeders to have a drink of water. This helps to regulate consumption. Wetting feeds can also prevent dust irritation.

Most horses love the taste of Cool Stance®. However, some horses can find the taste a little unusual and do take a little longer to adjust. Most modern-day feeds are coated in molasses or other glucose-based coatings to reduce the dust content and mask the bitter taste of mold. This adds to the sugar content and realistically is an offering of sweets to your horse.
With fussy eaters, we recommend introducing Cool Stance® very gradually starting off with small amounts (as little as 1 tbsp.) and over time reducing your current feed. Some horses can take up to 8 weeks to change over

Cool Stance® is suitable for horses or ponies on stall rest. Horses or ponies that are on box rest should receive reduced amounts of Cool Stance® and it should be adjusted accordingly as and when they come back in to work. It is ideal for horses on box rest as it is a truly cool feed that will not contribute to fizzy behavior often seen with horses that have been on stall rest for a period of time.

Gastric ulcers – in horses as well as humans – are areas or erosion and irritation in the digestive tract. They aren’t necessarily in the stomach itself but occur most often near the entrance and exit to the stomach, in the lower esophagus, and in the intestine (commonly called ‘leaky gut syndrome’). They are basically the result of acids escaping the stomach and damaging the sensitive surrounding membranes. If your vet diagnoses a gastric ulcer in your horse, you need to know the cause. Immediate treatments depend on whether it is the result of faulty muscle function in the stomach, an infection, stress, or diet. Your vet can conduct most basic evaluations to determine a cause, but in some severe cases you may need the expertise of a specialist equine medical facility. Your vet may prescribe probiotics, antibiotics, or other supplements to help get the symptoms under control and make your horse more comfortable. Whatever the cause, you will need to manage your horse’s diet very carefully to ensure that you do not aggravate the condition and give your horse every chance to heal. Again, make sure your horse isn’t allowed to get hungry, by offering it plenty of low-energy forage or pasture. Opt for low NSC feeds like Cool Stance® and consider adding MCT supplements such as Power Stance®.

One bag (44 lbs.) will last a 1000 lbs. horse in light work 22 days.

MBC® – Medicine Bag Complete®

A drawing of a horse and mountains with the words medicine bag project.

Most horses are on 1 scoop/day. However, there are a few senior horses that work better on 2 scoops/day.

After load-up and on the standard 1 scoop/day (2 oz. by weight) 40lb bag – 315 feed days or 10 1/2 months per head

Yes. Most of our customers are serious competitors looking for an edge. Many of them give their horse a mini-load up of 3-4 scoops/day, starting a day or two before the show and through the show’s end. The recovery time is reduced drastically, especially in hot weather. Some customers feed their senior horses 2 scoops/day. We also have customers in the race industry that are feeding 3-4 scoops/day.

Yes. MBC® is compatible with any feed program.

Yes. Your horse has a daily requirement of nutrients that must be met, such as vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Feeding MBC® daily ensures that your horse is getting what his body requires.

No. It is a nutritional supplement designed to enhance any feeding program.

Yes. Our proprietary blend of probiotics is some of the strongest and most beneficial. They are fed by billions of microorganisms present in MBC®, making it truly one of the most effective nutritional supplements on the market today.

We are often asked if MBC® helps with laminitis, founder, tendons, ulcers, lameness, nervousness, temperament, eyes, coat, hoofs, muscles, bone, teeth, etc. The answer is yes to all the above. When a horse is given the right nutrients like MBC® provides, the sky is the limit on how a horse’s body responds. Give your horse what he needs, and it will often correct the imbalances on his own.

Yes. We have had many horses that are off their feed and the only way to get MBC® into their system is via dose syringing.

Yes. However, we advise doing it after the load up period. We usually recommend mixing it with a really good mineralized salt such as Redmond #10 fine. Make sure they are getting their daily amounts of MBC®.

The vitamin E in Medicine Bag Complete® is Alpha-Tocopherol. In other words, it is the natural non-synthetic one.

MBC® has both Calcium Citrate and Calcium Carbonate in the formula. The reason Calcium Citrate is not listed on the label is because it comes via plant ingredients in MBC®. According to the labeling laws we cannot list the numerous minerals and vitamins unless they are that specific nutrient, such as Calcium Citrate. The Calcium Carbonate was added for reasons most do not know, and that is Selenium absorbs into the system when certain amounts of Calcium Carbonate are available.

Our proprietary blend of probiotics is some of the strongest and most beneficial. They are fed by billions of microorganisms present in MBC®, making it truly one of the most effective nutritional supplements on the market today.” As well, we have double or more of most vitamins and minerals per maintenance dose. Furthermore, MBC® does not contain any fillers.
The following are some examples, MBC® listed first:

Calcium – 8.5g — 3g
Magnesium – 4.3g — 1.2g
Manganese – 8.4g — 240mg
Selenium – 18mg — 1.9mg
Phosphorous – 3.9mg — 2mg
Copper – 1.7g — 145mg
Zinc – 4.4g — 440mg
Iron – 1.1g — 185mg
Biotin – 157mg — 0.5mg


A container of horse feed with the label for turmericle.

We believe the whole Turmericle® root is important to the anti-inflammation process, not just the curcumin content. As this is a natural product, the actual curcumin content varies, just as the Vitamin A content of carrots varies from carrot to carrot. The Western Scientific industry has taken the curcumin as a standardized value as that is the only way they can compare things, but it is not the true measure of efficacy. Furthermore, the added Resveratrol boosts the properties of the turmeric in our product.

Turmericle® is an animal supplement and not labeled for human consumption.

1 lbs. large animals: 8-10 days
5 lbs. large animals: ca. 40 days
15 lbs. large animals: ca 120 days
1 lbs. small animals: ca. 25 days
5 lbs. small animals: ca. 125 days

Skin allergies and sarcoids; circulation and blood flow; inflammation of joints and muscles. It supplies energy without making the horse hot, gives a glossy show coat to your equine friend, helps hard keepers to gain weight.

Livestock (horses, pigs, sheep, and cattle) and companion animals (dogs, cats and birds).

The following are some examples, MBC® listed first:

Calcium – 8.5g — 3g
Magnesium – 4.3g — 1.2g
Manganese – 8.4g — 240mg
Selenium – 18mg — 1.9mg
Phosphorous – 3.9mg — 2mg
Copper – 1.7g — 145mg
Zinc – 4.4g — 440mg
Iron – 1.1g — 185mg
Biotin – 157mg — 0.5mg

Power Stance®

A container of power stance supplement for horses.

Power Stance® is a high energy feed supplement containing 70% natural coconut oil and is a rich source of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MTCs). It may be used for rapid release energy, maintaining gut health, assisting in weight gain and promoting a sleek and healthy coat.

Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids that are easier to digest, absorb, and utilize in comparison to the long-chain fatty acids found in other oils such as corn, soy, canola and rice-bran oil. Medium chain fatty acids appear to behave more like glucose than fat in the body and are preferentially oxidized to generate energy over long-chain fatty acids, meaning coconut oil provides a ready source of energy for use during exercise. Some of the medium chain fatty acids (lauric acid, capric acid) in coconut oil possess antibacterial and antiviral properties. These fatty acids may assist the horse’s immune system in fighting off viral and bacterial challenges, leading to improved overall gut health and wellbeing.

Power Stance® is 100% natural, and much easier to handle and store than liquid oils. Power Stance® can also be used in conjunction with medications for gastrointestinal ulceration and will not return a positive swab.

Coconut Oil and Soy Oil are both used as ‘cool & safe’ sources of concentrated energy and are fed for conditioning, coat shine and weight gain, or to supply extra energy in the diets of hard-working horses. Their similarities and differences are described as follows:

Coconut Oil is a highly stable tropical oil and is not prone to rancidity and maintains its nutrient status over long periods. Coconut oil contains mainly saturated fatty acids of short and medium chain length. These fatty acids are quickly metabolized and available for use as ready energy for high intensity work. Lauric acid (the main fatty acid in coconut oil) is also associated with having antiviral, antibacterial and immune-boosting properties.

Commercially available soy oils, produced from soybeans, are often highly refined and have usually been chemically extracted. Soy Oil is rich in long-chain fatty acids and contains predominantly polyunsaturated fatty acids, making it prone to rancidity. Unfermented soy has been proven to have an adverse effect on the hormonal processes.

Oils may be added to the diet as a source of ‘non-fizzy” feed. When starch (typically in the form of grain), is fed to horses in large quantities, there is a risk of starch overload in the hindgut. This can culminate in “fizzy” behavior, which can result in stressful and dangerous situations for both horse and rider. The risk of starch overload can be minimized by replacing some grain in the feed with oil to provide energy. Oil provides a source of ‘cool’ energy, which is not associated with ‘fizzy’ behavior.

Not at all! Power Stance® is simply coconut oil and its use will compound the effects of natural coconut meal. The addition of Power Stance® to your feed will allow you to see visible results quicker and ensure your horse’s gut health is improved.


Re Move®

A jar of stance re move supplement for horses.

Re Move® is an all-natural, non-medicated, supplement with specifically curated ingredients designed to support long term digestive function. It is formulated specifically to support the stomach and the hindgut.

Re Move® can be used as a long-term supplement for stomach and digestive maintenance support. GastroBuf can also be used short term as a 21 days course for times of stress.

Mycotoxins are poisonous chemical compounds produced by certain fungi. Mycotoxins are most commonly found in grains such as corn, wheat, and barley and can be found in the fungi that grow on some grasses, mainly bahia, rye, some weeds, and clover. More than 500 mycotoxins have been identified to date. They are more prevalent in hot and humid conditions (spring and summer) and can also be found in some commercial feeds and hays.

Symptoms can vary widely but may include:
Itchy skin and/or hair loss
Scabby sores
String halt/staggers
Wasted topline
Sunburnt nose
Persistent cough
Odd sweating
Coarse, dull coat
Unexplained weight loss
Bloating yet ribby
Persistent greasy heel/rain rot
Unexplained spookiness and dangerous behavior

Mycotoxin poisoning may also cause the following without any obvious signs:
Depleted minerals in the body
Decreased immune function
Negative impact on the kidneys, liver and reproductive system
Severe cases can lead to death


A tub of gastrobuf is shown.

Gastro Buf® is an all natural, non medicated, supplement with specifically curated ingredients designed to support long term digestive function. It is formulated specifically to support the stomach and the hindgut.