Established over 20 years ago by Dr. Tim Kempton, Stance Equine offers an entire line of chemical and GMO free products to protect your horses health and enhance performance. As an experienced horseman, Dr. Tim has studied the effects of high starch diets on horse behavior and performance and pioneered research into coconut meal and coconut oil in horse and cattle nutrition. It is now well known that high non-structural carbohydrates (NSC) feeds are a major contributor to obesity and the associated metabolic disorders in horses including gastrointestinal ulcers, insulin resistance (IR), colic, lameness, laminitis, equine metabolic syndrome (EMS), and Cushing’s disease. Coconut meal contains a high level of digestible energy (from the 8-10% coconut oil, and the digestible fiber) and a low NSC (11%) and is an excellent feed for most horses.

Stance Equine’s coconut based Cool Stance® copra is a unique and state of the art horse feed that is low in Non Structural Carbohydrate (NSC), while maintaining a high digestible energy content. Research has shown this product, as part of a balanced diet, promotes health and increases energy in horses.

Power Stance® is a powerful nutritional supplement that delivers coconut oil in a potent and easy to use powder. Used to promote rapid release energy, maintaining gut health, and promoting a sleek and healthy coat.

Turmericle® is a unique golden powder blend that combines all the natural benefits of turmeric, coconut oil, and ground black pepper, in a convenient and easy to use powdered supplement form.

Medicine Bag Complete offers a balance of critical primary minerals in the proper form (necessary for optimum absorption) and level. It contains a proprietary blend of protein, lysine and vitamins A, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, biotin, folic acid, B6, B12, D3, E and K. A proprietary blend of probiotics are some of the strongest and most beneficial.

Gastro Buf® is an all natural, non medicated, supplement with specifically curated ingredients designed to support long term digestive function. It is formulated specifically to support the stomach and the hindgut.

Re Move® has been formulated from specific ingredients that may bind harmful mycotoxins in the horse’s digestive tract during periods of high mycotoxin contamination. Re Move is designed to bind to the polar and non-polar mycotoxins.