Stance Equine USA LLC is a distributor for equine feed and supplement products from Stance Equine Australia that serve to enhance the health and performance of your horse. Based in South Carolina, most of our products are sold to stores, veterinarians, hoof care professionals, and large barns within the United States. We also sell to retail customers via our online shop.

Stance has pioneered the feeding of “cool and calm” low starch feeds based on the unique properties of copra meal and provide benefits that include low starch (2%), high digestible energy (DE), high oil, and high digestible fiber.

Stance has invested heavily in equine research, and through this process has promoted the role of low non-structural carbohydrate (NSC) feeds based on copra meal for over 25 years.

Workshops and Seminars

As lifelong horse professionals with experience in training and care for sport horses, Stance Equine USA offers Nutritional Seminars to your store or barn to educate your clients how to keep their horses healthy and performing well. Many horse owners face concerns over the proper course of action for horses with laminitis, metabolic disorders, colic and other ailments. Experience is invaluable in the horse world and keeping a 1200 lb animal healthy and fit is often a huge task. We are ready to help and can provide information through a presentation at your barn or community center.

Please contact us to schedule a presentation.

Hoof Seminars

One or two day presentations about hoof care are also available. Learn everything you need to know about the hoof! No matter if your horse is shod or barefoot, every horse owner and horse care provider should know the details of proper hoof care. You will see your horse’s hooves with different eyes, we guarantee it!

Claudia Garner, has been teaching hoof care for 15 years and has tailored her seminars to be fun and educational for any level of expertise.

Please contact us to schedule a presentation.